What or who do we investigate?

Individuals, Organisations, Places, Activities

Cyber Armed Security’s intelligence operations are used:

    • during recruitment processes for sensitive positions
    • for legal cases to gather more evidence
    • to protect human rights defenders in evidence, protection and safe passage
    • for due diligence checks before contract signing
    • for cyber threat intelligence matters
    • to track missing people

The Necessity for Intelligence?

Promote The Right Decisions

Information is one of the most powerful tools available to us in all aspects of life, whether it is having the medical information to cure illness or early warning information to save life in the defence industry. Information can enable clear decision making, whether on part of a judge in a legal case or a company in its decision making process. The problem faced is that you may need more information to achieve your objective or you may make a wrong decision without having all of the information available to you. Intelligence services can provide information that others may not obtain, giving you the advantage.

Modus Operandi?

Cyber Armed Security’s operatives are specialists in intelligence matters with years of experience. They come from different backgrounds including from Military Signals and Intelligence regiments. Cyber Armed Security’s intelligence operatives are trained in counterintelligence for a high level of day to day operational security in all activities and assignments.

Cyber Armed Security use multiple methods in intelligence reconnaissance which are defined as either Passive or Active.

Passive Reconnaissance

Shhhhhhhh 🤫

Passive reconnaissance is a type of intelligence assessment that is quiet and does not leave a footprint and therefore is unlikely to raise any alarm or ever be discovered.

Active Reconnaissance

More Scope More Information

Active reconnaissance is a type of operation that may entail interaction in order to gather intelligence. This can include interacting with machines or people and whilst it does leave a footprint, clever and unforeseen tactics significantly minimise discovery.

Cyber Armed Intelligence Operations

Intelligence Leadership

Cyber Armed are industry leaders in Cyber Intelligence Operations combining in-house intelligence with world leading partners and OSINT techniques for the most comprehensive intelligence feed coverage possible. We cater for all intensity requirements from small, medium, large, ongoing or reoccurring intelligence assessments.

Our solutions are bespoke to your needs, please contact us to find out more.