OSINT / Darknet Assessment & Report

Using a combination of intelligence research skills and tools, we conduct a reconnaissance operation to discover if your information is compromised.

The report will be provided by a counter-intelligence operative and classified as ‘Restricted’. It will contain results on searches performed, risk summary and recommendations.

Report Includes:

Wireless Scanning Intelligence

This includes searches of wireless mapping networks according to your geographic location. We may discover your wireless hardware address (MAC). In turn we may determine if your wifi .cap file has been uploaded to networks for cracking. We may be able to find your cracked wifi password. This search will ultimately determine if you have been mapped via active / passive recon e.g. ‘War Driving’ with your wireless information being made public.

OSINT Assessment

Open Source Intelligence is based on publicly available information. A passive reconnaissance search may bring to light sensitive information which should not be available and may include accidental or deliberately leaked information. This can include passwords, confidential documents and more. This is a manual assessment performed by highly skilled counter-intelligence operatives.

Clearnet Research

The clearnet is the most familiar layer of the internet. This is where your social media profiles, websites and servers typically exist. The clearinet review uses search techniques including dorking to find sensitive information that may be leaked by yourself or external organisations which you rely on.

Dark Net Intelligence

The Dark Net works via anonymising technology. It is a place of nefarious and legitimate activity alike. We provide real time 24/7 monitoring and automatically alert you when your sensitive information appears on the dark net.

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